About Us

Meow Mews Cattery is pleased to offer their clients a lifetime of knowledge and experience within the cat world:- 

  • Proprietor of an award-winning luxury boarding cattery.
  • Breeder and exhibitor of cats at national level.
  • Owner and breeder of the Best In Show winner at The Supreme Cat Show 2016 (one of the largest and most prestigious cat shows in Europe)
  • Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust Young Business Person Of The Year during the 1990’s.

About Me

Jennifer Sharp Owner of Meow Mews Cattery

Jennifer Reid

Brought up in a family of pet lovers, it was somehow inevitable that I would want to spend my life surrounded by animals! 

My former years were spent loving and caring for cats, dogs, budgies, rabbits and guinea pigs… to mention but a few. 

When growing up, I think I truly exhausted the full list of domestic pets possible… latterly I even added four horses to the list! 

As a teenager, I followed the same direction as my parents, into showing and breeding dogs and like them became a judge during the 1980’s. 

It was therefore no surprise to anyone when I set my sights on opening a family pet care business. Consequently, I opened a five star luxury cattery… a business I was proud to have created and one which afforded me the privilege and pleasure of winning The Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust Young Business Person Of The Year during the 1990’s. 

Shortly afterwards, I extended my hobby into cat showing and breeding and had many pleasurable years in the show ring, winning several major and national accolades…my highest achievement was without doubt winning, overall Supreme Exhibit at The Supreme Cat Show 2016 at The National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham…an achievement most breeders can only dream of!

Supreme Exhibit at The Supreme Cat Show 2016

I have always had a deep love and passion for animals, nature and the outdoors hence my chosen career path. 

Meow Mews Cattery was born as a result of me being unable to find a five star luxury boarding establishment for my own Birmans… this task proved totally impossible and as a result, nothing seemed more natural than to design and build my very own five star luxury boarding cattery and  I am now delighted to offer all cat lovers the opportunity to use Meow Mews Cattery anytime they are away from home.

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