Cat Transport Ayr

Your cat is an extremely important member of your family therefore when it comes to transportation arrangements, you can rely on Meow Mews Cattery to deliver a service which:- 

  • Offers a safe and reliable door to door service.
  • Uses a modern dedicated transportation vehicle.
  • Ensures your cat a smooth and comfortable journey.
  • Caters for cats of all ages, young or old.

Cat Transport Service

Transporting cats can be a very stressful and time-consuming process….. every cat is different, and all have individual requirements. As a result, we have specially created a transportation service specifically for cats only. By doing this we give our clients peace of mind that their cat will have a safe, peaceful and comfortable journey while in our care. 

Whether you require transportation to and from our cattery, for a veterinarian appointment or you simply require a cat or kitten collected from a breeder, Meow Mews Cattery pride themselves in being able to offer you a door to door service of the highest standard which firstly meets the needs of your requirements and secondly is one you can totally trust and rely on! 

No matter how long or short the journey is, Meow Mews Cattery like to ensure all cats travel safely and comfortably to their destination, therefore we use a modern and reliable spacious dedicated pet transport vehicle which is equipped with air conditioning as well as being specially fitted out with custom made safety pens.  

Should you wish your cat to travel with a favourite blanket, please ensure this is placed inside your cat carrier.  Prior to us arriving, we would ask all clients to securely place their cat within their own cat carrier and ensure it is securely closed. For additional security, we will then place your cat carrier inside one of our safety pens. 

We would also ask you to clip a water dish to the inside of the wire door of your carrier, which will allow us to top up your cat’s water without opening the door of your pet carrier whilst your cat is in transit. 

Meow Mews caters for all door to door transportation requirements …. long journeys or short anywhere in the UK. Whatever your needs are, you have our assurance that we will love and care for your cat, like it is our own!


All rates quoted are for local transportation services carried out between the hours of 0900hrs and 1700hrs, Monday to Friday. Should you require a quote for a destination further afield, please do not hesitate to contact us. Prices quoted are per journey.

Additional costs will apply for:-

1. Services booked out with these times.
2. Out of hours Veterinarian Transport Services.
3. Waiting time.
4. Transportation Services during weekend / public holidays.

Collection / Delivery

  • 1-4 Miles – £15.00
  • 5-9 Miles – £20.00
  • 10-14 Miles – £25.00
  • 15+ Miles – POA

Weekend Rates

  • 1-4 Miles – £20.00
  • 5-9 Miles – £25.00
  • 10-14 Miles – £30.00
  • 15+ Miles – POA

Vet Visit

  • 1-4 Miles – £15.00
  • 5-9 Miles – £20.00
  • 10-14 Miles – £25.00
  • Plus Waiting Time

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